UCLAN IBC Host Companies

UCLAN IBC Host Companies

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Company name: iNFT

They are a global Financial Wealth Management company advising their clients on how to secure their financial needs for the future. Their recent iNFT Project was devised as both a means of celebrating the company’s 10-year anniversary and as a reward for their long-standing clients. 

Possible Positions: Marketing, Tech/IT, Video Production

Company name: Mercku

At Mercku, our mission is to create a positive impact through powerful and easy-to-use technology. We built our company on decades of our founders’ expertise and 450+ patents in network technology. Through relentless innovation and through leadership, we are transforming the IoT space and all aspects of everyday life into something greater. 

Possible Positions: Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Account Management, Human Resources, Training & Mentoring.

Company name: BAMIK GmbH

This training institute has trainers and consultants with a passion for intercultural management, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and international adult education. As an international network of experts, they support theor ublic and private sector clients around the world and in 15 languages. Founded in 2009 and based in Berlin, Germany, they are a global network of 30 freelance trainers, consultants, authors and experts on a variety of topics related to intercultural communication, DEI and international adult education. Some of their team members focus on specific national cultures. In total, they offer regional expertise  in more than 60 countries. This company is proud to be a certified training provider according to the strict guidelines of the German DVWO association. All their trainers are certified and follow clear quality management standards and compliance rules. 

Possible Positions: Education & Teaching, Human Resource, Training & Mentoring, Project

Company name: Silverspot Trading GmbH

The Company is an international manufacturing & trading company with its European Head Office located in Berlin, Germany. They help large and mid-size companies to achieve a more robust and more efficient relationship with their clients by manufacturing their dream products based on their business needs. Their clients worldwide are Wholesalers, Gift & Souvenir chain shops, Family Attractions, Museums, Amusement Parks, Promotion companies and Private label clients.

Possible Positions: Business Development, Sales and Account Management.

Company name: Lumis International GmbH

This host company’s services cover the while spectrum os vendor selection and management, clinical trial oversight management and training. Jointly with their customers, mainly small to midsize biopharmaceutical and medical device compnanies, they develop tailored solutions to optimise their drug development programmes. For the best services in diverse areas, they collaborate with a network of experienced subject matter experts, cooperation partners and consultants. 

Possible Positions: Marketing

Company name: Greenie Web

This company is a climate-tech startup leveraging technology to solve the world’s toughest problem: climate change. 

Possible Positions: Full Stack Developer, Sustainability Intern (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

Company name: Inquivix

Inquivix is a trustworthy digital marketing agency that operates on th principles of diligence and transparency. We analyze data to make sure our clients’ investments are leading to maximum results. 

Possible Positions: Graphis design

Company name: Innovative Language Learning (in-person only)

This company offers an innovative, fun, and easy to use language learning system that is designed to get users speaking from the vert first lesson. Language learners can do so at their own convenience ans pace with the hosts short, effective, and fun audio and video lessons, a comprehensive, state-of-the-art website, mobile apps, and a vibrant user community. 


Possible Positions: Video Production, Design

NB: this company is based in Japan and the internship would be in-person only. Therefore, you would need to secure the relevant visa and source accommodation in order to complete an internship there).

Company name: Movel AI

Movel AI is the next generation robot navigation software platform. The AI software uses computer vision, deep learning, and sensor fusion for robot navigation. The technology makes robots work in many places that were not possible before: crowded places like hospitals, or very large spaces like an airport. 

 Possible Positions: Business Development, Sales, and Account Management.

Company name: Essenbee Advisors LLP

This company is a boutique consulting firm that delivers solutions-driven expertise to organizations in India. They have a rish history of advising organizations of all sizes from different jurisdictions and their mission is simple: To provide all the support clients need for growth in a holistic and efficient manner. 

 Possible Positions: Accounting, Finance & Banking, Marketing.

Company name: Ciche International Trade and Investment Co

This International Trade company makes it easier for Polish, Chinese and Emirati businessmen to establish contacts and determine the terms of future cooperation. From the beginning, the company has been associated with Silesia and mining – in response to the intensive development of the mining industry in China. The client received a wide range of services, ranging from support in business negotiations, searching for market niches, organizing economics missions, translations, to introducing products to China, other countries in Asia, and the Middle East. 

 Possible Positions: PR & Communications, Business development, Sales & Account Management, Project Management.

Please select three companies you’d like to work for and send your choices, in order of preference, to lebo.mutsvairo@pagodaprojects.com.

When making your selections, please consider the companies’ candidate requirements as some companies are looking for students with specific subject backgrounds. We suggest you apply for the companies/positions that best suit your current skillset to avoid disappointment