Until next time, China

Until next time, China


As I sit here on my final day in the InternChina office looking back at the last six months, I can’t believe where the time has gone. At the start of my internship with InternChina six months felt like forever and I was very hesitant to start this journey. However, now that I am at the end I have no regrets and can’t believe it’s all ended so quickly.

Without boring you with the in’s and out’s of my internship for the last six months here are the top five things I’ve learnt during my time here.

1. Just do it!
As I said before, I was very nervous before starting this internship. Even though I knew China and had lived here before, it’s different moving to another country by yourself without your friends and family. Be brave! Take that step and you’ll be amazed at how fast you adapt to a new environment when you have yourself to rely on.

2. Be yourself
This may be a bit juvenile, but one of my biggest concerns before coming to Zhuhai was that I wouldn’t make friends…I know. However, upon arriving in Zhuhai I was greeted by a group of the loveliest, most down to earth people I have met and will miss a lot. I honestly feel like I have made friends for life.

InternChina - The best IC meals
InternChina – The best IC meals

3. Get involved
Obviously it was part of my job to organise events and activities for our interns in Zhuhai, so I had to attend all of them. Without all of these activities though, I think my time in Zhuhai would have been considerably more boring and I would not have made so many great memories.

InternChina - On top of the world at Danxia mountain
InternChina – On top of the world at Danxia mountain

4. This is your time to learn
An internship is the time to learn about what direction you want to go in for your future career. It’s also a time for you to learn about yourself and how you work, don’t expect to know everything when you go into it. Give yourself time.

5. Go with the flow
China is a weird place and weird stuff is going to happen to you, without a doubt. Don’t fight it. There is no other way to explain it other than ‘It’s China’. You will love it and it will those ‘China moments’ that will make your time here

So I end my time here with InternChina on a high and could not recommend this experience anymore to whomever is reading this. Bring yourself out here, you’ll be wondering ‘what if?’ if you don’t.

InternChina - Zhuhai sunset
InternChina – Zhuhai sunset

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