Wailingding Island Trip

Wailingding Island Trip

After suffering over 2 months of rainy weather, I decided to go for an island trip last weekend. I have been to Wailingding Island once last winter, the water was so blue and the seafood so delicious, I decided to go again. Unfortunately the night before there was a storm in Zhuhai, so I called the ferry company to ask if they would cancel the ferry. Thankfully they said no, so I got up and went to the ferry port with my huge backpack.

We took the ferry at 11:20am, and it was 1 hour and 20 minutes to the island. Luckily it was sunny on the island, so we checked in to our hotel and went to the beach for a walk. After that, we went directly to the seafood market to buy some fresh seafood, brought it to a restaurant and let them cook it for us. The restaurant was recommended by some online friends, and yes, it was very delicious.

After lunch, we went straight to the beach, went swimming and drank some beer. Then we went hiking a little bit and found a place to sit and cook our dinner – a huge rock next to the sea.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel, left our things in the room and went for a walk along the sea – there’s a very nice view of Hong Kong on the island. Around midnight, we drank some beers with some friends we made at the BBQ place until late at night.

The second day we slept until 10 am and then went hiking to a temple on the mountain. That afternoon we bought some beers and sat on the beach to relax.

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