Washing Machine with Chinese Characteristics

Washing Machine with Chinese Characteristics

It was a beautiful tuesday evening, when Little J was lying on his bed, relaxing from an exhausting day at work…

…when suddenly, he heard a scream!

Not knowing what had happend, he hurried to find out and found himself in the worst nightmare: A girl with an empty closet in the apartment! What a desaster! What should he do? After calming down, Little J had an amazing idea: “Wash your clothes, and ask your Chinese washing machine for help.”

Easier said then done you might think now, but actually, it is really not that difficult. To document this adventurous evening for future Intern China interns, we made a small picture manual for you:

1) Great. Washing Machine. And now? There is a pipe coming out at its bottom, but what to do with it? How is it working? As an expert for washing clothes, Little J knew even for this problem a solution. Just put the open end near the drainage. 😉

2) Don’t forget to plug the machine in! Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.

3) The next step is quite essential. Put your dirty clothes into the waching machine and then have a look at all the different buttons.

4) Add laundry detergent to your clothes and do it with grace!

(Advice: Buy the detergent before you want to use it. Add it directly to your clothes.)

5) The human body is 70% water, nothing works without water, also not your washing machine. So take your shower, add water (it is a big advantage to be able to do this yourself, because this way, you can control the temperature) and see that the drainage is closed.

6) Looks quite professional, doesn’t it? Close the lid, …

set the time:

7) After the machine is finished, let the water out:

8 ) Then take your clothes and put them into the spin-dryer:
(Attention! Spread your clothes evenly, otherwise you will hear an unhappy noise from your spin-dryer.)

Voila! Washing time is over. Now just take some hangers and wait until everything is dry again. It’s really not that difficult and there is also an explanation in our Intern China Welcome Package.

Using a washing machine is not a problem for you? We have bigger challenges waiting: Apply now for an internship in China! You can contact us via email or through our website.