Watch Factory Tour

Watch Factory Tour

On Saturday interns from Intern China went on a tour of a watch factory in Zhuhai. It was a 34 year old manufacturer known for high-tech original watches. Many people argue that every new product is ‘made in china’ so it was interesting to see first-hand a product provided to the western world made in China.

InternChina – Watch Factory

During the tour we were guided through the different stages of the watch making process by Company Manager Tammy. She was very friendly and was quick to encourage everyone to take a picture with her as it was a once in a lifetime experience!

InternChina – Activity

At the end of the tour we were all provided with a free watch as a thank you for visiting. The day concluded with a talk from Owner Leo who gave us a brief history of the company and advised us on how to make it in the business world.

The tour was a worthwhile experience as we got to see a Chinese business operating behind closed doors 🙂

InternChina – Company Visit