Welcome to Chengdu!

Welcome to Chengdu!


Hello everyone 🙂
My name is Jula and I am the new intern at Internchina in the Chengdu Office!!! Well, about me… Normally you wouldn´t talk about age when it comes to women but lets just hope you forgot about this little detail when you´re done reading this 😉 So I just turned 25 (which is not the end of the world I guess) and I am from Bocholt, which is quite a small city in Germany. It was always a dream to see more than that. Therefore, after I´ve finished school I decided to go to the United States as an Au Pair. This is like kind of a “Nanny-Job” and wasn´t the job of my dreams but I found a great host family with two amazing kids and took it as a great opportunities to fulfill my dream. So a couple of weeks later I travelled to Boston and lived there for 13 month. It was such an unforgettable experience. I´ve met so many great people and was able to travel every month and therefore to see a lot from the US which was amazing.CIMG1243 When I came back to Germany it was a little depressing to be honest. I wanted to see more and more from all the wonderful places this world has to offer ;). Then, I found the study program “International Business and Management” in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands study programs are quite practical oriented in comparison to Germany. Also the fact that we get the chance of going abroad for one Semester as well as to complete an internship in a foreign country did convince me. Therefore, I started my studies in 2012 and I really like it. Last semester I´ve got the great opportunity to complete my semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa which was soooo great. I had such a great time and learned a lot about the people, culture and life in South Africa.


During this stay  I was already looking for an internship. I always wanted to go to Asia, since the people and culture are really fascinating to me. So when I scanned all the webpages and jobboards I saw an internship description from Inernchina in Chengdu. Right away I thought that this was such a great opportunity. Therefore, I´ve send my application to Internchina and only a couple of days later I received an email from Paul (The Branch Manager in Chengdu). He invited me for a Skype interview and I believe in that moment I was the happiest person in the world ;). The Skype interview went great. All the details about the internship Paul provided me with were really interesting to me. Sooo everything took its course and Internchina helped a lot with the preparation as Visa, Flights, etc before I came to Chengdu. And here I am :)!! I have survived the first couple of days 😉 The Internchina team made me feel very comfortable from the first day on. There are so many impressions. All the people, the language and in general the cultural differences are very new but interesting and exciting :). So you will probably  hear much more about my first impressions at Internchina and China in general in my next post!!

Cheers, Jula 🙂