Why Digital Skills Are Important

Why Digital Skills Are Important


Digital skills that employers need will be vital both to driving our economic competitiveness, and to ensuring young people can succeed in the labour market of the future. – Stephen Evans (Chief Executive of the LWI)

But what are Digital Skills? 

Digital skills are essentially what is needed to successfully use digital devices, applications and efficiently manage data. However it is being noticed that there is a significant fall in desire to pursue such skills. Examples of these skills include:

  • Programming 
  • App Development 
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • Vlogging
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Engagement
  • Proofreading

And many more…

Why is learning digital skills so important?

It is estimated that less than half of UK employers believed applicants were equipped with the necessary digital skillset. And as the UK itself comes out of a Covid-19 crisis, digital skills have never been so paramount to employers and businesses. 

Working remotely has offered a way into the digital world. Offering minimal training and successfully implementing the know-how into unsuspected employees.  

That being said, younger people at school are becoming less keen on the idea of learning such basic but vital skills. A study found a decreased interest of 40% in IT among the younger generation since 2015. It is therefore no wonder that the economy is already spending billions of pounds into the supply of recruits. Without instant action, the UK economy may fall behind other global economies. 

Research has found that 60% of businesses envisioned an increase in reliance on digital skills over the next five years. As well as the majority of young people realising that such skills are essential for their future prospects. Neil Bentley-Gockmann, a chief executive of the charity Workskills UK, confirmed the necessity of digital skills. Including knowledge that other significant global economies are ahead of the UK in terms of valuing digital skills. Bentley-Gockmann had stated ‘we need to act now to ensure the UK is not left behind’.

How do we solve the issue of digital incompetency?

As expressed previously, digital competency is now needed more than ever to navigate through the online world of work. Here at Pagoda Projects, our solution to this modern issue is supplied through our Digital Competency online course. 

On the course you can expand your fluency in skills such as digital networking, marketing and presentations. With little experience needed to complete the course, anyone can take part on their own terms. The course uses a ‘pay what you can’ scheme in which you decide how much you believe the course is worth. In just under 6 hours you could have the basic necessities of digital skills needed to venture into an online workspace and feel confident: https://pagodaprojects.com/skills-courses. 

Tips for increasing digital competency:

  • Take free online courses

Allowing time to educate yourself in how to effectively use digital technologies is something you can achieve. Even by setting aside some time each day to use an online course.

  • Increase activity through your online platforms

Browsing and utilising social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are fantastic ways in which you can put your knowledge to practice. Even if you increase your presence through your social media, you are still building a better understanding. 

  • Watch informative videos on YouTube

YouTube has thousands of informative videos explaining how to increase your digital fluency as well as informing you what digital fluency actually means.

  • Register for webinars based around digital technology/competency

Not only are you informing yourself about technology, but attending webinars on platforms such as Zoom allows you to ask questions directly on the topic. Webinars based around technology may also discuss the theme of digital skills. 


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