Why Understanding the Basics of a Workplace is Essential

Why Understanding the Basics of a Workplace is Essential


The workplace is understood to be quite an intimidating environment for young graduates or for those that haven’t yet experienced the world of work. However, it doesn’t have to be such a daunting transition. By reading over this blog, you will be able to learn why workplace basics are essential, along with some tips and advice on how to make the best impression on your colleagues.  

So, why are workplace basics important?

Whether you are getting your foot in the door or looking to pursue that next promotion, learning and understanding how to adapt to any work environment is important both at the start and throughout your career. Not only are knowing the basics of the workplace critical for you as an employee, but also for employers themselves. Developing a workforce that understands workplace basics allows them to ‘build a competitive, productive and creative workforce that drives innovation and productivity’ (Froeschle, Theis).


Productivity and Well-Being

Skills such as productivity and valuing your own well-being are paramount to enjoying your work. Taking sufficient breaks throughout your working day and allowing time to rest is widely understood to increase your productivity during the work day. In turn, taking these breaks to switch off, even if for a few minutes, has shown to improve overall mental health. Happy employee, happy employer and happy work life!

If you are still curious about how to achieve a perfect work-life balance check out our other blog on the subject – https://pagodaprojects.com/creating-a-work-life-balance/ 


Adapting to Remote Working

For many, it is now becoming the norm to work from home on at least a part-time basis. The transition from in-person to remote work can be disorienting and it can be surprisingly difficult to adapt your home space into an office. One way in which you can successfully adapt your space is by setting a boundary from your office and home space. You could simply prop your desk in the corner of your room or make sure you don’t work from your bed or couch. This not only sets a definitive boundary, but you are more likely to be more productive in a specifically assigned work area. Another way is by taking a 5 minute break every hour of work. This is the perfect opportunity to move and stretch your limbs while you give your eyes a rest from staring at your screen.


Utilise Communication Tools

Communication is a vital part of any workplace. Without effective communication, tasks and projects are unlikely to make progress, or will do so at a much slower rate. Whether you are working from home or in the office, it’s good to practice effective communication, so any miscommunication and consequential problems are avoided.

Spoiler alert! In our Workplace Basics online course has numerous resources, tips and tricks to help kickstart your career and workplace knowledge. 

Utilising communication tools is one way to practice good communication. Here is a snippet of our course to show you how to use your communication tools.


There are some other useful skills to get ahead in your career path. Below are 3 top soft skills we believe are needed to make an impact in the workplace.

  1. Resilience: To work with other people can be a challenge. Not everyone is always going to be on your wavelength and it’s only resilience that can help you push through the differences.
  2. Empathy: Understanding what others are going through can also help with your workplace relationships. There will inevitably be times when your colleagues are going through a tough time, either in their work or personal life. It’s important to try and be supportive or at least sensitive, especially if you are working alongside them on a project.
  3. Learnability: Not everyone is going to understand technology or how your team works. Therefore, having the persistence and drive to learn and adapt is a sought after soft skill in any employee. 


Want to know more?

Pagoda Projects currently has an online course based around Workplace Basics in which you can learn everything you need to be successful in your workspace and relations. The course is included in every Pagoda programme, find out more here: https://pagodaprojects.com/skills-courses.








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