Wonderful Summer Internship Experience

Wonderful Summer Internship Experience

I am Bonnie, the summer intern in the Intern China Zhuhai office. I have been here for nearly 3 weeks,  it’s a great honor for me to join this team, with a wonderful time during this period,I enjoy the time that I work together with all of the persons in the office and our interns. Now I want to share the wonderful experience with all of you. O(∩_∩)O
I joined this team since May 28th, I met Jamie, Philippe, Sunny, Beata, and Mandy in the office, and they are nice guys!!(*^__^*)  And also knew many other Qingdao friends from the Skype. Btw, Skype is really a good platform for people’s communication.

During this period, I sent the posts and some blogs on the website, such as Weibo, Sohu etc. I assisted with them to prepare the welcome package, look for the home stays & apartments, and build & translate some documents. Besides, Sometimes, I also will pick up some interns and do other many interesting things.

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For the home stay, I think it is usually a good way for cultural exchange, Chinese families and foreign interns can exchange their ideas and improve their language skills, and the most important is to have a better understanding of different cultures. There is an unforgettable thing, one of our host families, it has a 7 year-old boy named Lucky, he drew a beautiful picture to welcome one of our interns named Kessy to live in their home, let’s see the picture, hahaa~ it’s really very nice, it shows a wonderful time they have fun together and build a long-run friendship.

In addition, we also have many interesting activities, such as the language exchange every Tuesday night, Friday beer time on the roof and so on! Besides, the Sunday Beach Volleyball, round table in the bar, and the island trips and Dragon Boat Festival Guangzhou trip, I believe everyone will enjoy a good time!! Now, let me show a photo, we have a wonderful time here. (*^__^*). I really enjoy the life here!

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