Wutao´s introduction blog

Wutao´s introduction blog

 I was stunned when I saw the proudly displayed billboard advertising the city of Chengdu in the airport of Frankfurt, Germany. The poster read “Half of the Fortune Global 500 are in my hometown. Can Do! Chengdu!” Alongside this slogan, there was an image of a panda wearing a jacket, decorated with the logos of major international brands.

Chengdu is changing fast



I’m Wutao from Chengdu. I haven’t lived in my hometown for 2 years. Throughout my time studying in Germany, I have always thought about life in my home city. Thanks to my experience in Europe, I’ve been very interested in presenting the Chinese culture to foreigners and learning more about theirs. I feel so lucky to have been given the chance to work with InternChina during my holidays.


In 2006, Chengdu was officially named the best city for tourism in China. Chengdu is famous for its unique cuisine, fine weather and the surrounding tourist attractions. In ancient times, Chengdu was famous for its crop production and was known as “The Country of Heaven”. The city has maintained its agricultural heritage.


With such an ancient history, I wondered how Chengdu would cope with modernization.

I boarded the plane with questions in mind. The surprise became stronger as soon as I arrived in Chnegdu Airport: A modern 4 Floors Terminal catering for international flights. Two Metro lines which are connecting the cities with its suburbs. The new BRT system (Bus Rapid Transit), which runs on the new built flyover upon the whole Chengdu 2nd ring. None of these facilities were available when I was living in Chengdu two years ago! The city had changed rapidly.


Similarly, the lifestyle in Chengdu had undergone a huge transformation. I was taken by surprise during a dinner with friends: Instead of asking the waiter to take order, my friend grabbed out his smart phone and chose from the digital menu and paid online.


Wutao in Ethiopia


With all these positive surprises I arrived in Chengdu as a local but also as a newcomer. Over the next two months I will be completing an internship as part of the InternChina team based in Chengdu. I’m already excited to welcome our new interns and discover with them more about the city!




If you want to enjoy Chengdu´s fast growth send your CV and cover letter to info@internchina.com