Xiamen weekend trip

Xiamen weekend trip


Myself and nineteen of the interns based in Zhuhai went off last weekend for a two-day trip to Fujian province, organised by InternChina. We got onto the coach on Friday evening outside the InternChina Zhuhai office, ready for a 12 hour overnight drive. For a lot of the interns, myself included, this was the first time seeing Mainland China other than Zhuhai, which was pretty interesting!
We finally got to Xiamen the next morning – a bit dazed from the journey – first stopping at the University campus. Still slightly influenced by the small amount of sleep, we explored the huge campus and saw the sights – primarily a huge lake in the middle and some pretty awesome buildings! Right next to the university campus there was a famous temple called 南普陀寺, which everyone attempted to climb, but only a few made it mainly due to it being so busy because of the Chinese holiday season!

InternChina - Xiamen University
InternChina – Xiamen University

After we’d seen what there was to see, we hopped back onto the bus to take a look at the beach and to go to Xiamen market to get some Fujian province food.

InternChina - Xiamen Market
InternChina – Xiamen Market

Next on the agenda was making the crossing via ferry to Xiamen Island for a couple of hours on the beach and going for a swim. Getting there meant taking the ferry. Queuing doesn’t really apply for this kind of public transport so it was more the case of – ‘see you on the other side’ and hope for the best.

That evening the coach drove us to the middle of the countryside to a small village where we spent the night being fed very well thanks to Chinese hospitality. We also sampled a few glasses of the locally-made rice wine, which was pretty strong…

Come the morning, before leaving we all had a chance to buy some mementos and visit the local ‘roundhouse’. Built over 100 years ago, and still inhabited today, the roundhouse was an awesome thing to experience. But, as all good things come to an end, we got back on the coach early afternoon and headed back to Zhuhai. In all, it was a fantastic weekend. It’s hard to express in a blog how much fun it was!

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Xiamen 1
InternChina – Xiamen