Your first Words in China

Your first Words in China


You did the first step and gathered information about InternChina and your opportunity to go abroad. Well done :)But now it is getting hard, because as you may know, Chinese might not be the fastest language to learn. Hence, I compiled a list with the most important words, which you will definitely need during your first days in China. I recommend learning some phrases in advanced to be well prepared:

Starting with the easiest one:

No 1: ‘Hello’: nǐ hǎo 你好

Always good to know some basics. You will see how delighted Chinese people will be!

No 2: ‘Thank you’: xiè xie 谢谢
No 3: ‘How much is it?’: duō shǎo qián? 多少钱?
No 4: ‘Too expensive’: tài guì le 太贵了

Bargain is the most important thing if you want to buy something. Especially in some stores they try to cheat you… This might require some enhanced Chinese skills though 😉

No 5: ‘No, no, you needn’t’: bú yòng, bú yòng 不用,不用
No 6: ‘Where’s the bathroom?’: cè suǒ zài nà ér 厕所在那儿?

You should know that Chinese bathrooms, particularly the public toilets, are a little bit different to Western ones. But this will be another thing you will easily adapt to in China.

No 7: ‘Not spicy please’: bú yào là 不要辣

Do you like spicy food? Than you should definitely come to Chengdu. The Sichuan cuisine is famous for its spicy food. Be aware of the Sichuan pepper, it may be able to start a little spicy firework in your mouth…
But the most important phrase; you really can´t survive without:

 No 8: ‘I don’t understand’:   tīng bú dǒng   听不懂

Ting bu Dong
‘I don’t understand’

Just give you a try

If you feel motivated to speak more Chinese than these little phrases, InternChina offers you the unique chance to combine your internship with great language classes. Either in small groups or 1 to 1-classes, your Chinese will improve quickly!

Would you like to use these phrases or take some language classes during your internship? Then apply now!

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