Zhuhai 2012

Zhuhai 2012

There it is- the review of one awesome year in Zhuhai!!!
One year with great experiences in Chinese host families:

InternChina – Host family in Zhuhai

Enjoying the hot springs in the ‘cold’ winter days in Zhuhai:

InternChina – SPA

One year with great Chinese food:

InternChina – Lunch

An always changing, but an always awesome InternChina team:

InternChina – Calum, Philippe, Sunny, Jamie and Ashton

Study China Programme:

InternChina – Study China Programme

Great trips to Gunagzhou,

InternChina – Guangzhou

to Guilin,

InternChina – Guilin Number One

and to Fujian:

InternChina – Fujian in August


InternChina – Beach Party

And with a lot of other great things. Thanks to everybody!!!!!

All the best wishes for 2013!