Zhuhai’s Climate

Zhuhai’s Climate


InternChina - Zhuhai climate graph
InternChina – Zhuhai Climate Graph

Zhuhai is located along the Southern coast of China, just a ferry ride away from Hong Kong. Due to its semi-tropical maritime climate, Zhuhai has a lot of abundant rainfall. The rainfall in Zhuhai is mainly caused by typhoons, which further cause rainstorms and thunderstorms. The golden months to visit Zhuhai is during the Autumn season so from September to December.

Spring is from March to May, this month sees the weather getting warmer each day. For every day wear, jeans and t-shirts would be appropriate and maybe a jacket for chilly nights along the coast.

Summer is from June to August in Zhuhai, as it is located in South China, this season can be very hot and humid with temperatures reaching 38degrees sometimes. Abundant rainfall occurs in July and August. It is suggested that you take sunglasses and a lot of sun cream if you are visiting the city during this season.

Autumn is from September to December. This is the best season to visit Zhuhai due to the cool temperatures and minimal rainfall compared to other times of the year. A light jacket and t-shirt would be suitable for everyday wear.

Winter is short in Zhuhai with just two months from January to February. This season sees a rapid drop in temperature so for everyday wear, a heavy jacket or coat with extra layers would be adequate.

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