Zhuhai: First Impressions

Zhuhai: First Impressions

Hi everyone! It’s Daniela, the brand new InternChina intern! It’s my very first week in Zhuhai and I would like to share with you some of the experiences I’ve had so far in this great city. Hope you enjoy…

InternChina – Zhuhai Impressions

Getting used to life in Zhuhai is proving to be easier than I initially thought. Being from Mexico, I am already somewhat familiar with the chaos and quaintness of living in a “developing country”, whatever that means nowadays. Watching out for discourteous drivers while crossing the street: check. Sitting through long bureaucratic processes: check. Bargaining to get lower prices: check, though I must admit it’s not my favourite shopping experience, but that’s probably because I’m not very good at it.

Culinary-wise, I have zero complaints as of yet. Restaurant menus look like coffee-table books, and most of the times I’m too hungry to look through every single page and photo to figure out what I want to eat, so I usually trust whoever it is I’m eating with to recommend a few dishes and go from there. So far it’s worked out great, my tastebuds are having a blast and I’m discovering some new flavour combinations that I never thought could taste so good. I have yet to try the street barbecue, which I hear is delicious and a steal besides, so I’m looking forward to that experience.

While I’m from Mexico, I spent the past year and a half in London, where – as everyone knows – the weather is less than pleasant. So even though it’s technically winter and Zhuhai locals might consider this “cold” season, I couldn’t be happier. Stepping outside in just a jacket and a scarf instead of four (or more) layers of thick clothing – that’s quite alright in my book. I’m already counting the days until spring and summer, when I can finally bring out my long-neglected skirts and dresses and enjoy the warm temperatures to the max.

I’ve only been in Zhuhai for a few days and thus haven’t been able to see much of the city, but I can say with some certainty that it’s not going to take long for me to feel at home here. People greet me with a smile and it doesn’t really matter if I can only speak a couple of words in Chinese – there’s always someone willing to help me out. Every afternoon, from the window in my office, I can see the sun setting behind the tall buildings on the other side of the bay. Could life get any better? Probably, and I’m about to find out.

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