Zhuhai Food

Zhuhai Food


As the city is located by the sea, no wonder that you definitly have to taste the sea fruits in Zhuhai. Due to it’s location in the Guangdong province, Zhuhai got many dishes from the Cantonese food. Ingredients such as pawn, oysters or crabs are very popular, (you can even eat shark’s thin !!). On of the biggest advantage of Zhuhai is also that the dishes can be tasted everywhere, and especially in food streets.

dim-sumThe famous « Dim Sum » are definitely not to miss. Those tiny tasty cantonese snacks, which are served in small steamer basket, consist of a variety of dumplings, steamed dishes or deep-fried and various other goodies. When you go eating Dim Sum at a restaurant, it is also known in Chinese as « yum cha » 飲茶, as tea is typically served with it.


Regarding sea food, Doomen peerly crab is one of the best dish, whose meat is tender and fresh. Being a rare one, it is even more delicious !



You can also try Hengqin Oysters (from April to November is the best time to relish it), becoming the basis of numerous local dishes. Those oysters are also know for being very healthy.



The baitang lotus roots, famous for their thikness and pulpy texture, are popular gifts to relatives or friends.



Then the Wanshan Prawn, or « crystal prawn », It can be made not only into all style of delicate snacks, but also into all sorts of famous dishes. The prawn is one on the most important marin product in the coast.



But don’t worry, if sea food is not your thing at all, you’ll be glad to know that you can also find every type of Chinese food such as Sichuan food, Henan food, etc.

If you don’t like Chinese food, or just want to feel like home, there are also plenty of western restaurants !


慢慢吃 ! (eat slowly)